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Say Hello to Alongside! (and goodbye to Qimple)

Qimple, an HR software company, has officially announced their rebrand to Alongside. A change that reflects their mission to improve the way job seekers and employers discover each other.

Since launching in January 2015, the company established themselves as a streamlined, quick and simple approach to hiring. However, with the online hiring space becoming significantly less personal, Qimple quickly recognized the need for a hiring solution that facilitated human connection - the driving force behind every great hire. Qimple applied that understanding and began to strategically evolve away from traditional online hiring practices to a more comprehensive approach with a personal touch.  The company aims to support the hiring efforts of companies to help them find their perfect hire, all while improving the candidate experience with a empowering application process. From this, a new brand, Alongside was born. 

Alongside works with employers and job seekers, so they can connect in a meaningful way to do their best work together. The logo depicts three balloons which represent job seekers, employers and Alongside. Together, they form the resemblance of a heart conveying the excitement and caring element the company helps bring to the recruitment process.

Alongside has raised $1.6 million to date and now boasts a team of 13 passionate individuals. The company has 105+ active companies and nearly 1000 job postings since launch with a 65% hiring success rate.

Co-founder and CEO Yves Boudreau explains in his own words why the company decided to make the switch to Alongside in a recent blog post. He stated that the company ran into phonetic and spelling challenges with the name “Qimple” and “the name just didn’t represent who we are and what we stand for anymore.”

“Every single member of our team is passionate about helping others succeed -- Alongside reflects this care perfectly. Alongside is our commitment to working with employers and job seekers so they can connect and do amazing things together,” Boudreau wrote.

“We’ve seen what happens when those things line-up and we want everyone who interacts with us to share in the magic that exists when amazing people come together for a common goal.”

All previously-created Qimple accounts can use their existing login credentials at, so users should expect no changes there. 

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